My lesbian urges are getting stronger

I had a homosexual dream last night. That was probably the hottest dream I’ve ever had. Man. If I wasn’t shy or taken, I’d love to have a real girl boom boom session..


Lily Thai & Lucy Lee

Lily Thai squirting.

Since I can’t actually have a relationship with a girl,

The closest I can have is a close friendship with a girl who likes girls. Please let that be soon. I don’t think it’s weird to be cuddly with a girl best friend at all.


I started liking girls in 3rd grade. The first sexual anything I saw was lesbian porn..

Hahaha. I get reminded of all the things I used to say when I was young and I should have seen it coming. I like girls. I don’t want to be with a girl. But I want a girl for fun. My heart always seems to belong to a man. I want  GIRL SECKS NOW. 

Stop telling me to improve on this and that when I’ve been trying long before you have.

ASSHOLE. I sometimes hate how sexual you are. I have a small build. I don’t care about getting a bigger ass. If you want a girl with a big ass then go chase one and leave me alone! 

I’m a girl and my insecurities pop up from time to time. What the hell is wrong with you? I should definitely turn lesbian since I know a female would appreciate my body for the way it is and will turn out to be.

I told my parents I am partially gay.

Haha. They never take me seriously I think but at least I know I can bring home a girl and have her sleep with me and not it being a problem. 

I was never interested in being romantically involved with a female but I wish I could sometimes be able to be in love with two people at once and it being ok with both of them just to experience loving the same sex.